Unite 2 Learn is a non-profit organisation that works with primary schools in Tanzania in order to promote education, sexual and reproductive health rights, as well as health and sanitation. Currently, we are working with three primary schools in the municipality of Arusha in northern Tanzania. We believe that education is the key to development and a way out of poverty. Our vision is to contribute to continued development in Tanzania, which we believe is best done by investing in education. An educated child has greater opportunity of pursuing further studies and thereby better chances of finding employment. Offering education does not only promote the children and their families, but it also contributes to developing an improved society in which children can exercise their right             

We work with crowdfunding of projects here on our website, but we also cooperate with companies and receive government funding for individual projects. Through our crowdfunding principle, you can get involved and influence our work by choosing where your particular contribution should go. You can easily track the progress of the project you support through timely updates of the project and the people it affects. Tanzania is a developing country, and we hope that you want to contribute to making continued development possible!

You can read more about our work and our three focus areas                                                                                                                                                                      under the following links:

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
Health and Sanitation