Below you will find the statutes for Unite 2 Learn. The statutes were approved at a constitutional annual meeting in Kungsbacka, Sweden on the 6th of April 2016.

§1 Name and Headquarter

The name of the organization is Unite 2 Learn and its Headquarter (HQ) is located in Kungälv, Sweden.

§2 Goals and Values

Unite 2 Learn is a non-governmental organization that does not have religious and political affiliations.

Unite 2 Learn’s goal is to fight poverty through working with development projects which foster social and economic development. Unite 2 Learn has a primary focus on development and empowerment of children. The organization carry out international development work and humanitarian aid.

Unite 2 Learn promotes all people’s equal value. Unite 2 Learn works with and for all human beings, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender, religious and political believes.

§3 Method

Unite 2 Learn works through the means of education, dissemination of information, communication, fundraising, global cooperation, sustainability, and help to self-help methods.

The work of Unite 2 Learn is conducted by employees, Board of Directors, and by volunteers when found necessary.

§4 Member

A member is a person who shares the goals and values of Unite 2 Learn and who pay the membership fee. Members are entitled to vote at member meetings and at the annual meeting. A member can be excluded from Unite 2 Learn if the member is opposing the purpose of Unite 2 Learn or if the member is acting in breach of Unite 2 Learn’s statutes. The Board of Directors inhabit the power to exclude a member from Unite 2 Learn with a two-thirds majority vote.

§5 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is Unite 2 Learn’s highest decision-making forum. The time and place of the annual meeting is decided by the Board of Directors, however the meeting must take place before the end of June each year. Members will be notified by email at least two weeks prior to the annual meeting to have the possibility to exercise their right to issue motions to matters which are going to be addressed during the annual meeting. Motions should have been received ten days prior to the annual meeting to be valid and considered during the actual meeting. Unite 2 Learn’s members should have received the agenda seven days before the annual meeting. A person who was a member during the preceding fiscal year is entitled to vote at the annual meeting.

The following agenda points should be included during the annual meeting:

  1. Appointment of chairman and secretary for the meeting
  2. Appointment of adjusters and tellers
  3. Establishing the agenda
  4. The Board’s annual report, adoption of the income statement and balance sheet, and the discharge of the Board
  5. Appointment of board, auditors, and election committee
  6. Adoption of membership fee
  7. Consideration of matters that the board presented to the annual meeting
  8. Consideration of motions
  9. Closing of the meeting

Decisions at the annual meeting are taken by simple majority.

An extra annual meeting may be called by the Board, the auditors, or when at least one third of the members request it. At the extra annual meeting may only matters be discussed that was called by the meeting.

§6 Board of Directors

Unite 2 Learn’s work is led by a Board of Directors. The Board should consist of at least three board members. The Board is elected for a period of 1-2 years.

The Board forms a quorum when at least three board members are present. The President has the casting vote in case of a tie.

The Board will not receive remuneration for their work.

§7 Election Committee

The election committee prepares the election of the Board of Directors and the auditors. The election committee consists of at least two members, one of which is the convener.

§8 Authorized Signatories

A combination of any two board members can act as authorized signatories.

Appointment of chairman and secretary for the meeting

Appointment of adjusters and tellers

Establishing the agenda

§9 Finance and Audit

Unite 2 Learn’s accounting and management is reviewed by its auditors that should issue the audit report. At least one of the auditors should be an authorized auditor.

§10 Fiscal Year

Unite 2 Learn’s fiscal year is the period 1st of January to 31st of December.

§11 Amendment of the Statutes

Amendment of the statutes is decided, after preparation by the Board, by a two-thirds majority at two consecutive annual meetings, the first of which will be a regular annual meeting.

§12 Dissolution

To dissolve Unite 2 Learn a decision, after preparation by the Board, by two-thirds majority at two consecutive annual meetings is needed, the first of which will be a regular annual meeting.

At least two months should pass in-between the annual meeting and the extra annual meeting for decision making on dissolving Unite 2 Learn. Upon dissolution, Unite 2 Learn’s properties and funds should be assigned to an organization which shares Unite 2 Learn’s goals and values according to §2.