Find out how we use the money we raise.

How we do fundraising:
Unite 2 Learn mainly collects money from donors via card payment on the website and through Swish. We also get support from corporate partners, as well government funding for individual projects. In order to receive government funding, we must also have our own fundraising.

This is where the money goes:
Of every 100 SEK we raise, 92 SEK goes in full to the intended purpose, that is, the projects, and 8 SEK go to administration and fundraising.

The money goes where it is needed:
In order to ensure that the money goes where it is needed, we use our own evaluations, clear guidelines for financial follow-up, and have auditors who audit our operations.

Authorised auditor: Lars Göransson, LGR Företagsrevision AB

In our school projects, we have chosen to have direct contact with the schools we support in order to avoid middlemen in the management of financial resources and thereby reduce the risk of corruption. Unite 2 Learn has a zero tolerance policy towards corruption. We enjoy the trust of our donors and our project participants and have the responsibility to make sure that the money goes where it is needed. For each project we set clear goals, which we follow up diligently. We are in close contact and regularly receive reports from the schools we work with. All to ensure that the funds go where they should. As a donor, you will also receive regular information about the project you have selected in order to gain a better insight into our work and be able to be a part of the development of the schools in Tanzania.

In our projects that focus on sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR), we work together with an organization called OKIA Tanzania (Our Kids In Africa). OKIA Tanzania has experience of working with girls’ and women’s rights and has previously worked with projects on menstruation, that focus on girls in elementary schools. In our SRHR projects it is important to involve an external partner with experience in this area, as the schools we work with lack education in this area and therefore cannot provide the girls with the information and education they need. To make sure that the money goes where it should, we work closely with OKIA Tanzania here, too, and they report directly to us. We perform evaluations of the projects and make field trips to Tanzania to personally monitor the development.

To further ensure the quality of our work, we have a so-called 90-account provided by the Swedish Fundraising Control. A 90-account is a quality seal for our activities that shows that we are a serious fundraising organisation. The Swedish Fundraising Control audits our entire business. According to its rules, no more than 25% of the collected funds may be used for administrative purposes, and at least 75% of the total income must be used for the intended purpose. The 90-account contributes to greater transparency towards our donors, which we believe is very important because we want our donors to feel confident when they donate money to us.

For more information about the 90-account, please see the Swedish Fundraising Control website.