We have chosen education as one of our focus areas because we believe that it is an important component of development work. Children are our future, and in the rural areas it is a particularly important focus area - partly because children who get to go to primary school have a greater opportunity to continue their studies and get a good job, but also because they can thereby get involved and influence the development of their communities. Education also leads to increased gender equality and to the reduction of harmful practices such as sexual exploitation of girls and women.

School package

We want all children to be able to participate in lessons at school. Unfortunately, for families living in poverty it is difficult to afford notepads and pens for their children.

School bench

One problem that many schools face is the lack of resources, which affects the study environment. When there is not enough seating for all students, it is difficult to focus on learning.

Help putting up a school building

We believe that all children should have the right to attend school. So does the newly elected Tanzanian president John Magufuli, and at the beginning of the year he abolished school fees for elementary schools.