Unite 2 Learn is a non-governmental organization, registered in Sweden in 2016. Our program activities are located in Arusha, northern Tanzania, where our primary focus is on education, sexual and reproductive health rights, and health and sanitation. We work with primary and secondary schools to carry out these activities.

We believe that education is the core to development and a way out of poverty. An educated child has more opportunities of pursuing studies of a higher degree and has therefore better opportunities of obtaining a job. Apart from improving a child’s life, a focus on education also strives development on a societal level, thus affecting development as a whole in the country. Our vision is therefore to contribute to continued development in Tanzania and to make sure children get the tools they need to exercise their fundamental human rights.

If you want more information or are interested in supporting us, please contact Sara at sara.andersson@unite2learn.se or call +46703-722417. Thank you.