Your commitment leads to better study results!

Thanks to your donor support, we have been able to buy textbooks for the students at Songambele primary school. It is part of improving the education of the students at the school.

In Tanzania, it is the schools that manage teaching materials such as textbooks and lend them to their students. Unfortunately, many schools suffer from a lack of resources and therefore cannot buy enough books to provide all students with books. Augustino, who is the principal of Songambele primary school, says usually four students shared a book. This was an obstacle, in teaching as well as with homework.

Both school management and students expressed the wish to increase the access to textbooks. Unite 2 Learn has therefore chosen to support the school with books to meet this need. Instead of four students sharing a textbook, each student now has their own book.

Now that there are more textbooks, teachers can use the books to a greater extent in their lessons. The students are now given homework to read, which the teachers then follow up on in class. Now that the students have the opportunity to take home their own copy to study in peace and quiet, they achieve better results in school, which also increases the chances of further studies in the future.

Through these prerequisites, we give the children the opportunity to make the most of themselves. Want to help and get involved? You can contribute with a school package for a student, which contains a textbook, two writing pads, five pens, a pencil sharpener and two erasers.

Thank you for your commitment!

Sara Andersson