Covid-19 has put a hold on the world

The Covid-19 virus is spreading around the globe and has now reached all continents. Until recently, Africa has been spared from the outbreak, but that is changing. The virus has now reached Tanzania and due to the dire situation, we have chosen to postpone the new project about menstruation and health. It is delayed a couple of months, but currently it is hard to determine when exactly we will be able to start the project. However, we will keep you updated on the situation.

Even though, Covid-19 has put a hold on the world, the needs of the children has not. Unite 2 Learn is therefore continuing in supporting our partner organization OKIA Tanzania as much as possible from afar. For example, we are still missing a couple of school benches for the new classroom. One bench per student is of great importance for the students to be able to take part of the education offered in the best way possible. Therefore, we greatly appreciate your help in buying the last benches for the classroom. Please visit this link to contribute.

Our focus area, Health and Sanitation, is a really important one in regards to the dire situation in the world right now. By educating children and teachers about health and sanitation, we can increase the development of an entire society. Increased knowledge about health and sanitation contribute to decreasing waterborne illnesses and teach children how to wash their hands and take care of their hygiene in the best way possible. Therefore education in this subject is vital in order to keep children healthy and to keep them in school. Support our work by donating to one of our projects here.

Take care of yourselves and watch the video below to learn how to wash your hands in the best way possible!

Sara Andersson