The English website is now live!

Unite 2 Learn is constantly working to improve children’s and youth’s rights and of course we want as many persons as possible to be able to follow our work. A major part of our work includes dissemination of information about our focus areas as well as the reasons why certain problems exist. It is therefore vital that the information we provide is available to a bigger audience in order to reach the desired effects. Therefore, we have been working on translating our website into English and are pleased to inform you that it is now live! There might still be some minor improvements and bugs to handle, but we hope to have solved this in a near future.

In the March newsletter, we informed you that the new project regarding health and menstruation has been delayed due to the Covid-19 situation. We know that many organizations are facing similar issues with project implementation, however there are still a lot of things we can do! During the current situation, it is especially important that children are allowed to be children. We believe that being able to play constitutes a major part of that. If you want to contribute you can choose to donate to a sports package in our web shop. The possibility to conduct sports and play is an important part of the childhood and also improves the health. A sports package is only 100 SEK and gives us the opportunity to buy sport supplies to the children, which they can use during the school breaks.

Thank you for your commitment to children’s rights!

Unite 2 Learn



Sara Andersson